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S.T.R. Monitor™ is the leader in monitor service for buildings


S.T.R. Monitor™ saves you time and money by overlooking the top vacation rental webpages to find listings from your building. No more browsing endless webpages, you get the full overview by one click.

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$77 Regardless

At S.T.R. Monitor™ we have a "low price, high quality"-principal. This means that we have set the price at a level where it is the quality of the service that determins if it is right for you. Nothing else. All buildings have the same low price of $77 per month.




Some building managers do not have the option of paying with a credit card and prefer that we submit an invoice. We will be happy to do so and you retain your option of a 30 day cancellation. Send us an email and we will be happy to submit an invoice.



Contracts and fees

There are no contracts and you may cancel the service at any time. Also we do not charge for helping with setting up an account or for cancellation. No cantracts, no fees, just great service and usefull information. Sign up now.

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Easily find listings from Airbnb in your building.

No more wasting time searching. Get all information by a click on a button

$77 per month, no contract, no set up fee.

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The extremely aggressive vacation rental industry has made it harder to manage your building.

Mangement compaies do not have a simpel solution to the issue. Leaving the manager and the board to handle the issues.

S.T.R. Monitor™ gives you you control of the short-term rental situation fast and easy.

Illegal short- term renting

People are renting out thier units to make money, regardless of the rules. However, your condo building is not a hotel and yoru residents should be able to enjoy thier homes in peace without inviting the world into the common areas.



Illegal subletting

Subletting without permission rapidly become a big issue and the reason is obviously the fast income that tenants can make. However, many landlords not not even know tht there is an issue and tenannts may not sublet thier units withour expressed permission form thier landlord



Airbnb monitoring service

Airbnb does not get into legality disputes between the host and the building. In other words, Airbnb does not care if the rental listing is a breach of condo rules.
At S.T.R. Monitor™ we know that the building managers are busy and monitoring endless webpages for hours requires ressources. So we and automated the searches and are here to help.




Low Rate and No Fees

Same low price for all buildings. 

Stop Manual Searching

Let us do the searching at deliver results.

Keep your Building Safe

Preventive software

Inform travellers about your buildings policy. provides a list of buidings that actively combat short term rentals and warn travellers that they might be denied access upon arrival. www.airbaware is an ad-on service to S.T.R. Monitor and your building acutomatically is added to the No-Go List when you become a client. You can also get on the list with out being an S.T.R. Monitor client, for more information please contact us or go to

Contact the host and stop illegal renting

Instant notification

You get an email when new activity happens in your building. We update every 24 hours.

Easy Set- Up

Your account wiht S.T.R. Monitor is set up in minutes

Use the techonoly at hand. Don't work harder, work smarter.

Save Time and Money

S.T.R. Monitor™ is the only company in the world focused on aiding buidling and community residents, managers and Home Owners Associations with the issues that arise in the wake of the rapidly expanding private vacation rental indutry. S.T.R. Monitor™ oversees the major vacational rental webpages and delivers the information relevant to your building in a simple and user-friendly form. With this important information S.T.R. Monitor™ suggests how to best take hand of the issues and ultimately have the hosts remove any illegal listing.

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